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Now through December 5th, new customers can get a $100 Dish prepaid gift card thanks to our Dish Black Friday Blowout Promotion!

Just tell us to use offer code: Get100 when you sign up.

All it takes is a simple qualification and in 6-8 weeks you will have an extra $100 to spend on Christmas gifts, travel plans, or your New Year’s celebration.

With Dish’s already low monthly prices starting at only $19.99, everyday is Black Friday!

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Both Dish and DIRECTV now offer wireless solutions for your ever changing home.

Now if you want to rearrange your furniture you won’t need to call a technician to move the receiver, you can do it yourself and avoid fees and having to wait for the appointment.

Wireless receivers are also a great solution for saving money on your monthly bill. If there are 2 rooms that you don’t normally watch TV in, say a guestroom and on your patio, now you only have to pay for 1 receiver to get service in both rooms. So when you want to watch the big game on your patio you can do it and when you have a guest spend the night you just move the wireless receiver into their room. Voila! Problem solved and money saved!

Another great reason to go wireless is if you like to clean look of wall mounted TVs. Instead of ruining the organized look of a wall mounted television with a big, black wire running from the receiver up the wall to the television you can make that wire disappear thanks to our new wireless receiver. The only connection needed is to plug the receiver into the wall and then it can either sit in your TV console or we can tuck it behind your wall mounted TV. 

If you are a new or current customer interested in learning more about Dish and DIRECTV’s wireless solutions you can call us and we can go through the details to make sure that your receivers are tailored to your lifestyle. 

Jake’s Creative Commuications: Statesboro’s Authorized Retailer (912) 681-6811